Unique design that can be played softly or loudly.  Designed to increase sound resonance and produce different sound types.  Made with reclaimed ash wood, hand-sewn Elk rawhide, and three different types of natural stone sound beads. Rawhide is sewn with blue, white, green, and red lacing to signify the four elements of water, sky, earth, and fire. Rattle beads are made from natural amethyst, carnelian, and jasper for thier spiritual properties.

Spirit rattle with natural turquoise

SKU: R02
  • These are the key metaphysical qualities that draw me to the materials of this rattle:

    • Turquoise: Enhances physical and spiritual world connection, strong healing power, awakens all chakras, and calming and relaxing.
    • Amethyst: Higher spiritual connection, cleansing and healing, release blockages, and stronger connection to dreams.
    • Carnelian: Strong spiritual grounding, protection from negative energies, increase courage, and accept changes.
    • Jasper: Increases connection and grounding to mother earth, deep connection to spirit guides, and attracts positive energies.
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